The Mighty Eighth Heritage Museum
Savannah, Georgia

The Unofficial Page

This museum is NOT an airplane museum. It is instead a memorial to the veterans of the Eighth Air Force, primarily concentrating on the WWII experiences.

Our Trips to The Museum

Page I Opening Day, May 14, 1996
Page II We return for the tour
Page III Breaking in the new camera

What's in a name?

These folks use a variety of names for the facility, including various combinations and permutations of "Mighty", "Eighth", "Heritage", "Air Force" and "Museum". I have been informed by the "Eighth Air Force Museum" at Barksdale AFB (Link Below) that they own that particular title, and they are concerned with the possibility of confusion. These are separate unrelated legal entities, although with similar goals and motivations.

As an old sailor, I am going to stay the hell out of any Air Farce turf battles!

Museum Information

The Official Page

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