Our Trip to the Florence Air and Missile Museum

Florence S.C. - July, 1995

Around the corner were a variety of aircraft in various states of preservation. Some appeared to have been "adopted", others were pretty sorry. There was a Navy F11 in faded Blue Angels trim, several helos, an F86 with nice paint, and others I can't recall. Then I saw something new to me. "What is that?", I said, foolishly not expecting a reply.

BTD-1 The Warmonger patiently explained that the BTD-1 was a late WWII experimental design, incorporating all the lessons learned with regard to carrier based piston bombers. Of course, this was sort of like being the finest mechanical calculator available in 1970.

A little later, we ran out of film. I gave the Warmonger a 20 and sent him off to the gift shop. He came back empty handed, saying "They don't have any film." I was disappointed, since I always try to buy stuff at nonprofit museums as another type of support. A few minutes later, I realized my pockets felt light and asked for my money back. "Oh," he said, "Here it is, I forgot." I thought "Great, the boy remembers the specs and model number of a rare airplane designed 40 years before he was born, and can't remember the 20 I gave him 10 minutes ago!"


All of us old sailors like things that sit on the water. This one is pretty blah in USAF colors. It needs a Coastie racing stripe or a bright blue Navy paint job.

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