Our Trip to the Florence Air and Missile Museum

Florence S.C. - July, 1995


B-47 One story well covered by the museum is the incident where the local boys in blue accidentally dropped a "special weapon" onto a local farm from a B-47 like this one. In those cold war days it was considered an unfortunate incident. I can imagine how may lawyers would be lined up at the farm's gate if it happened today!

This is what happens when you pick the best paper airplane maker in the fifth grade and give him a jet engine and a bunch of aluminum.


I know this is a perfectly legitimate airplane, but I still say it looks SILLY!.

This museum is amateurish, underfunded, poorly documented, disorganized and generally not up to contemporary standards.
I felt right at home.
This operation is driven by passion and patriotism, not profit.
I loved it.
It's the kind of place I'd like to take a BBQ grill and a cooler of beer and just hang out with the staff.

We're going back this summer, with lots more time and film.
We'll take notes and find out what everything is.

And that's a true story.
Bob McKellar

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