Our Second Trip to the Florence Air and Missile Museum

Florence S.C. - June, 1996

This time I called ahead the day before our trip, and talked to what seems to be the entire professional staff. Her name is Ginny Haughn and she is not an airplane person, but a normal human being. Ginny had a list of exhibits ready for us, and we set off to do a more complete visit.


The first change we noticed was a much neater and better arranged interior section. The engines were lined up together, and the "Corncob" was well displayed.

While we were checking out these wing guns, volunteer Lee Haughn caught up with us. I guess he wanted to see what "internet people" looked like. Lee is not an airplane person either, but a standard issue veteran with the zeal of a recent convert. He thinks these are HIS airplanes, and you'd best not try to take one away!


We dashed into the shed where the Loon perches, and saw a new arrival, a remotely controlled Navy helicopter used to attack subs from destroyers. I know it looks disassembled, but that was how they looked all the time.


This COD is no fish. Only Mr. Grumman could make a strictly practical, utilitarian craft look so good. The passenger seats in the cabin face to the rear, in keeping with the finest traditions of the Naval service. We always talk about where we were, not where we're going. Why, in my day, that that was the real Navy; we didn't have it easy like you guys today; harrumph, harrumph, blah, blah, blah ....ZZZZZZZZZ.


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