Our Second Trip to the Florence Air and Missile Museum

Florence S.C. - June, 1996

F-84 Thunderstreak

F-84 Volunteers from the local General Electric plant brought this good thing back to life. They have also helped out with other renovations, working with all type of electrical things. This is the kind of spirit and attitude sorely needed to get Florence back on track.

F-84 F-101

These two make the Voodoo do what the Voodoo do so well!


As he gave me the exposed film, the Warmonger said "I even made the 'Flying Banana' look good." Given that he shoots pictures as fast as Clint Eastwood shoots bad guys, I had my doubts.

Still do.

B47 Pod

Now we know where Cadillac got those styling ideas in the '50s.

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