Our Second Trip to the Florence Air and Missile Museum

Florence S.C. - June, 1996

The Incredible Hulk


Glider I guess we're weird, but we really like this old hulk. Last year we couldn't figure out what it was, so I asked Ginny when I called this year. She told me it was a glider, and suddenly it made sense. We think this is the remains of a WWII assault glider. Scared teenagers holding rifles actually rode these things down into fields where other scared teenagers in different uniforms could shoot at them. Maybe "made sense" was a poor choice of words.

Glider You can see these things were basically built for one flight. A bit of steel tubing, some wood, and old bed sheets. The Warmonger ran his hands over a rotten remnant, and said "Gee, this little scrap of wood is fifty years old." I considered a short lecture on how SOME things about fifty years old are still in perfect ( well good ) running order, but decided not to pursue it.

C-97 Lee told us the C97 had three restrooms. An airplane person would not have brought this up, but Lee, as stated before, is a normal human being. It was fun hearing the Warmonger admit that he, the fountain of all aeronautical knowledge, had not thought of that particular specification before.


We were scheduled to study this display in detail, but a class of second graders had come by that morning and not much was left.

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