Our Second Trip to the Florence Air and Missile Museum

Florence S.C. - June, 1996

Summing Up


Even thought he's a bit taller than me, the Warmonger still had to stand on tippytoes to get this 104 shot. If the canopy looks a little bulbous to you, it's because this one has a back seat.


We went back inside and saw the rest of the small displays, including memorabilia and simulators. "Quail" is a rather tame name for a weapon of war, but at least it flies. I don't think we'll ever have the F-33 "Bunny Rabbit" or the B-5 "Golden Retriever".

We got a chance to talk more to Ginny and Lee as we finished up. Sparing you the details, it appears that the museum has had the opportunity to suffer from almost every human frailty over the decades.

These fine old airplanes deserve better.

But we think better times are coming, and we're going to do what we can to make it happen.


This is what Florence needs: a little rescue, a little concern, a little assistance.

This is a place where aviation minded people can make a difference.

Come on and help!


And bring your lunch, it's a nice place for that too.


As we left on this trip, we saw the Connie out in the weeds a few hundred yards north of the museum. Rumor has it that this one will be shipped out and combined with another to make a flyable Connie. We hope so.

And that's a true story.
Bob McKellar

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