Airliners of the 50's

When I first started roaming the net looking for airplane pictures, I found these nifty ones at a site somewhere. After starting the Flightline up, I wanted to put in a link to them. Alas, I couldn't find the original site, only dead links to it. I have decided to post the pictures myself until the rightful source/owner shows up. If anybody has information on the original "Airliners of the 50's" please let me know.

Real airliners have round engines that snort, belch and fart when you start them up.

Real airliners run on high octane avgas, not computer chips.

Real airliners have passengers who wear fancy clothes and look down (literally) on the peasants.

Real airliners have grace and style.

Boeing 307(63K)

Lockheed Constellation (66K)

Convair 340(83K)

Boeing and friends(53K)

Another Connie(104K)

Lockheed Electra(63K)

Martin 404(32K)

Boeing 377(40K)

Douglas DC3(41K)

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