Our Blue Angels Trip

MCAS Beaufort, S.C. 13APR96

I took the Warmonger and the Hoodlumette to see the Blue Angels. We had an hour's drive and got to the base about 1100. One nice thing about driving around a Marine base during a public event is the impossibility of getting lost. All those cheerful young men telling us where to turn, and my suspicion that they might shoot me if I turned the wrong way, got us to our parking place. We then rode a bus to the flight line. The first thing the Warmonger and I noticed was evidence of a terrible flaw in the area air defenses:
[IMAGE] The first thing the Hoodlumette noticed was a snowcone stand. I shifted into "DON'T COMPLAIN, YOU KNEW WHAT IT WAS GOING TO BE LIKE" mode and handed over the first of many handfuls of money. Actually, I enjoy "fundraiser food", as found in various festivals, concerts, etc. There's something special about a hamburger cooked over a 55 gallon drum charcoal fire by some sweaty Boy Scout, even if it does cost $5.50.


The medical rehab platoon and some award winning boots were there from Parris Island. This was the most ruly and kempt audience I've seen in a while.

This F15 was sulking on the ramp. I guess he was embarrassed about missing the Mig.

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