Our Blue Angels Trip

MCAS Beaufort, S.C. 13APR96


I went for a beer and the guy asked "Bud or Bud Light?". I said "Who cares, it all comes from the same horses! He replied "Yeah, and it all winds up the same place."

Note potential recruit at end of line.

[IMAGE] The Bone made a max performance takeoff and climb, then disappeared to the south. He showed up a few acts later in a very impressive low pass. The best part was the four point hesitation roll at 100 feet.

OK, so I lied about that last part. Sue me.


The Hoodlumette liked the DC-3's. She asked about the stripes on this one and I told here it was a zoo plane used for hauling zebras. Please don't tell her any different, you don't want to destroy a child's faith in her father.


The Hoodlumette took this picture also. She knew it was basically the same airplane, but she could tell the differences. Can you?

Act III - Pounding the Pavement
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