US Military Aircraft Nicknames

US Military Aircraft Nicknames

Compiled by Richard H. Caldwell

(Additions from various contributors)

* Denotes a nickname used for more than one AC.
** Additions from Tim Luttrell

A/C Official Nickname  Unofficial Nicknames




Spad, Able Dog, Fat Face (A-1E),Sandy

A-3D, EA-3B


Whale*, All 3 Dead, Whistling Shitcan



Scooter, Mongoose, Tinkertoy, Heinemann's Hot Rod



Drumstick, Pregnant Guppy, Whale* (KA-6)


Corsair II 

SLUF (Short Little Ugly Feller)


Thunderbolt II

Warthog, Hog



Dog Whistle, Converter (jet fuel into noise)



Bone (B-one), Lawn Dart*



Black Knight, Boomerang



Aluminum Overcast*

B-52 Stratofortress BUFF, Aluminum Overcast*
C-1 Trader ?
C-2 Greyhound Whistling Shitcan
C-5 Galaxy Aluminum Overcast*, Cumulus Aluminus,  Big Mac, Fat Albert,
FRED (Foolishly Ridiculous Economic Disaster)**
Linda Lovelace, Queer* (every time it kneels, it blows something)
C-124 Globemaster II Aluminum Overcast*,Boneshaker, Old Shaky
C-130 Hercules Herky Bird, Hercu-Slease, Vibrator **, Bugsmasher **
C-17 Globemaster III Mighty Mouse, Buddha, Moose, Barney
C-17 Globemaster III Mighty Mouse, Buddha, Moose, Barney
C-141 Starlifter Lockheed Lizard (-B mod in Camo),  Tube of Pain, Quarter Pounder (see C-5),
Star Lizard
E-1 Tracer Willie Fudd, Stoof with a Roof
E-2 Hawkeye Hummer
E-3 Sentry, AWACS Frisbee
EA-6B Prowler Queer*, Double Ugly*, Family Truckster
EC-130H Hercules* Electric Herc
EC-130E Commando Solo Clipper (pods give it a seaplane look)
EF-111 Raven Sparkvark
ES-3 Shadow Electro-Lux
F-100 Super Sabre Hun, Super Sled
F-101 Voodoo One-Oh-Wonder
F-102 Delta Dagger Deuce
F-104 Starfighter Zipper, Missile With A Man In It, Sled*, Widowmaker (in the Luftwaffe)
F-105 Thunderchief  Nickel, Thud, Lead Sled*
F-106 Delta Dart Six, Cadillac
FB-111 (None) Aardvark, Switchblade Edsel, Ramp Vac, McNamara's Folly
F-117 Nighthawk Black Jet, Goblin, Ghost, BatPlane,  Cockroach, Roach, (they only come out at night)
F-4 Phantom II Rhino, Double Ugly*, Warped Wing,  Bug Basher
F-5A, B Freedom Fighter Skoshi Tiger
F-5C, E, F Tiger II  
F-8 Crusader Mig Master, Crud
F-14  Tomcat Turkey, Bombcat (bomb capable version), Peeping Tom (equipped w/TARPS, Tomturkey
F-15A/C Eagle Rhodan, Flying Tennis Court, Starship, Ego Jet
F-15E Strike Eagle Mudhen, Beagle (Bomb Eagle)
F-16 Fighting Falcon Lawn Dart*, Viper, Electric Jet
F/A-18   Hornet Plastic Bug, Bug
F-22 Rapier (Tom Clancy) Lightning II, Raptor
KC-135 Stratotanker Strato-Bladder, Steam Jet, Fanbird (R version)
KC-10 Extender Snoopy **
O-2 Skymaster Mixmaster, Pushmepullyou 
OA-37 ? Killer Tweet
OV-10 Bronco  
S-2 Tracker Stoof
S-3, S-3B Viking Hoover, War Hoover
SR-71  (None) Blackbird, Habu, Sled
T-37   Tweety Bird, Tweet, Dog Whistle*
T-38 Talon White Rocket, Smurf (AT-38)
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