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Over the decades covered by the list, designations and types have become hopelessly muddled.
We try to keep the various lists in as much logical and chronological order as possible, but you may have to look in several to get what you want.
In general, reconnaissance versions and other specialized variants will be included with the basic type.

I started this project in around 1996, using a 386 PC and a dial-up modem.

My initial source was a text email I found on a newsgroup, which only had very basic information.
Over the next 10 years, "The List" grew links, more info and photos contributed by other people.

Maintaining the list became almost a full time job, and after a while I got tired of it!
I finally pretty much gave it up and even cancelled the "spotter" email address for contributing updates.

Here in August of 2015, I have decided to at least clean up and update the code.
I've also reactivated the email address for updates. However, progress will be slow and I make no promises!

Air Force Century Series Fighters F100, F101, F102, F104, F105, F106, and F107
Early Air Force Jet Fighters F84, RF84, F86, F89, XF91, F94
The Ubiquitous T-Bird T-33, including F-80
The F-4 Phantom Popular enough for its own list
Douglas Invaders A-26/B-26, Whatever you call 'em, fine aircraft
Helicopters All services, combatant, logistical and rescue, except for:.....
Hueys and Cobras The most popular "Helos on a stick"


B (Recip)

B (Jet)

C -- C99

C117+, D and E


H -- S

T -- Z

Gallery of special photos

Our Links Page for Aviation Museums

Other Features

Aircraft Nicknames Richard Caldwell provided this list, with other contributors helping as well
UK Survivors List Allan Barkley's compilation of aircraft in the UK
Aviation Movies A compilation of movies with aviation content
Seasnake! Gordon Permann's stories and photos - USN Helos - ASW & rescue

Links to Other Sites

US Military Aviation Designation Systems Andreas Parsch has all the facts.
Joe Baugher's Home Page Joe tracks all the serial numbers since US military aviation began.  We cross check our spots with his records.
National Warbird Registry This is a very good source of info on flying warbirds, which we don't cover very well. 

Send us a Spotting Report!

We are always happy to get updates, additions and in particular, photos of the aircraft on the list.
Our emphasis is on showing the condition and circumstances of the actual aircraft displays.
Photos do not have to have artistic merit, but should show the actual aircraft and its environment.
Clearly seen tail numbers are a plus! (Note: Please do not send a photo unless you have publishing rights for it.)

Important Note:  ALL of our information is from contributors and online sources such as Joe Baugher's list. 
We do not have any independent resources or references. 
If you have a question, we may possibly be able to point you somewhere, but we normally don't have any additional information on any of the aircraft.

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.  We try to be consistent with out formatting, such as listing all states the same way (GA) so you can search by state.

The Helper Hall of Fame

Ben Marselis supplied the original text list many years ago, and gave us permission to publish it.

Mark Wilkinson, Bill Parrish, John Kerr, Dean Boys, Duncan Curtis, Bill Kistler, Paddy Ballard, Gerald McMasters, Stuart Lacy, Mark D. Harlin,
Mark O. Williams, Eric Renth, Derek Olson, Martin Keenan, Glenn Chatfield

Dennis Buley, Patrick Champ, Vince Horan, Jim Houston, Terry Martin, Blake Palmer, Fred Pierce, Buck Rigg, Randy Ryman,
Ben Schapiro, John Simonson, John Walker, Colin Erith, Mark Lauter, Denis Plumly, Kevin Kearney, Jim Bates,
Dave Hill, Jason Unwin, Bryon Simmons, Thierry Van Pevenaeyge, Clifford Bossie, Roy Hauer,
Dwayne Allen Day, Mark Natola, David Hambrock, Dan Goss, James Kinter, Michael Carr, David Schultz,
ScottVetter, Peter van Kaathoven, Bob Johnson, Dale Jensen, Philippe Colin, Mark Swisher, Al Rankin,
John Kessler, J.Y. Miller, Robert B. Lumpkin, Jr., Thomas Day, Hy Yarchun, Tim Heck, Larry Lee, Jack Polaritz,
Rob Bennett, Dave Peel, Walter Powell, Jr., Tom Isbell, Bill Emery, Ray Veilleux, Allan Barley,
Mariano Abel de la Cruz, Bib Binder, Bob Syzdek, Lee Morgan, Randy Haskin, Mark Morgan, Larry (Brushface), George Benoit


Web pages we have created about visiting museums
(These are very old, but we had fun doing them.)

Carolinas Aviation Museum Charlotte (NC) Our current favorite place to hang out
Our B-17/B-24 Trip Hilton Head Island (SC) The meaning of Veteran's Day, courtesy of the Collings Foundation
Air and Missile Museum Florence (SC) We visited this museum for three years, sadly now it's gone.
The Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum Savannah (GA) Our home town attraction
Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum Charleston (SC) Another fun place to visit
Valiant Air Command Titusville (FL) Warbirds!
John Kessler's Huey Ft. Lauderdale (FL) A unique project
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