The Tea Bag Chronicles

These stories were originally written for the news groups rec.aviation.military and sci.military.naval. The "off topic" enhancements were added to give people a reason to read my posts.

However, the stories grew to overshadow my comments, and things soon got very much out of hand.

As news group posts, these were of course very influenced by what was going on at the time. I have added a short introduction to each to set the scene. However, I have not made any hindsight enabled changes to the predictions I made at the time.

Things will make a bit more sense if you read these in order.
Down here in the South, we don't read tea leaves. After we empty a pitcher of ice tea, we go out on the front porch and pour the tea bags out, right between the icebox and the washing machine. Then we run 'em through the wringer. Only then can we see the future.

Leroy makes his appearance

Chinese Tea Bags
Tea Bag Tripwires
Tea Bags for Mary
Terrorist Tea Bags ( Leroy shows some class )

Mr. Henry enters, stage left
( and proceeds to take over everything )

Tea Bags for Mr. Henry
Amtrak Tea Bags
Thanksgiving Tea Bags
Tea Bag Truth Serum
Tea Bags at the Bulge
Tea Bags and Pretzels
Iraqi Tea Bags
Buried Treasure Tea Bags
Artistic Tea Bags
Negotiated Tea Bags
TV Tea Bags
Triumphant Tea Bags
Shocked and Awed Tea Bags
A Cigar Box.of Tea Bags
Statuesque Tea Bags
Hospital Tea Bags
Cane and Able Tea Bags
 Bountiful Tea Bags

Annotations and Notes About the Stories